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2nd Chance Restoration2 days ago

This one's going to sound weird, but one of my favorite work tools....is my InstantPot! It's a pressure cooker/slow cooker/yogurt maker and has saved my family dinners for the last 2 and a half years so many times I can't even count.

Those of you who love your crock pots, bless your hearts as I can't plan that far in advance and get my act together in the morning lol. This Instant Pot allows me to run up from the studio, panic when I realize that we're supposed to eat dinner in a half hour, throw a bunch of ingredients in the pot, set a timer, and run back downstairs. Usually within a half hour, dinner is done! We also use it for frozen chicken, rice/potato/veggie sides, SOUPS, you name it, I'll try it in this thing. Are you a 'pot' head too??