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2nd Chance Restoration can transform your furniture and specializes in paint and stain transformations. We do kitchen and bathroom cabinets too!
2nd Chance Restoration
2nd Chance Restoration1 week ago
Sooo, I haven’t been completely up front with you about Summer Hiatus ☀️☀️

While week one was about sun and fun and family, week 2 has looked like this...Recovery from a planned lumpectomy (no worries, all benign). While being a small business owner can be fearful as you determine your paycheck, it also comes with flexibility. I am soooo very grateful and appreciative of all my clients who understand the importance of letting my body rest, even if it means their projects have to wait.

PSA-Schedule that mammogram you’ve been putting off! I love our little group and want to keep you around as long as possible 😘