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Hi! I’m Kelly and welcome to our 2nd Chance Restoration page!  We are a family owned business started by accident after I lost my corporate job due to layoffs. I needed to provide an income somehow, and even though I had been painting small furniture pieces since I was young, it never occurred to me to take a hobby and passion and turn it into something bigger.  We started small with a desk here and there, and then bureaus, etc.  Then we noticed a need for cabinets to be transformed (bathrooms AND kitchens), and banister updates, and whitewashing of fireplaces etc…  We pride ourselves on seeing a need and being the ‘go to’ place for so many who are looking to do some refreshes to their homes.

Here we are more than 9 years later (10 years it will be this October!) with hundreds of clients, a 95% referral rate, countless pieces that have been restyled and thousands of cabinet doors that have been transformed. We love working with our clients who are striving to keep their family heirlooms as showcase pieces and are excited to see what each year has in store for us. I hope you’ll join us on the journey and enjoy looking through our website for inspiration…

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2nd Chance Restoration

2nd Chance Restoration can transform your furniture and specializes in paint and stain transformations. We do kitchen and bathroom cabinets too!
2nd Chance Restoration
2nd Chance Restoration
Let’s talk about humility, dedication and commitment to service for a moment (riveting topics I know 🤣).

First a little background…
About 5 years ago, I joined a fb group of other cabinet refinishing folks (ironically a group now of 80k people that I help moderate). So many
People in this group recommended a certain product due to its fast drying, low odor, and it’s durability. It sounded too good to be true…and it was. 😢 Thankfully I only did a few kitchen projects before switching to Milesi Wood Coatings USA and Canada.

Recently, one of those particular clients affected reached out for a ‘refresh’. The doors were beyond a simple refresh as you can imagine. So into the schedule they went! Took all the doors down, stripped them back, and refinished them all over again with our much improved process and products. This was so important to me as a professional choosing to work in a small service area. There was no way that failed kitchen was going to mar my hard work and reputation!

Although it was tough giving up a week of income, I will rest easy that I did the right thing and my patient clients received the kitchen they paid for and deserved ♥️.


Working with Kelly on our bathroom renovation was a pleasure. The work she did on our cabinets has made a few people question if they were “really our original cabinets?”

Yes, they look THAT good We really appreciated Kelly’s creativity and knowledge of color. We relied on her opinion for many of the choices we made along the way. In addition to all of this, Kelly assembled a team of highly professional craftsmen to help complete our renovation.


Working with Kelly was a dream!! She has vision, is always positive, on time, accommodating, and a true miracle worker! From the moment Kelly came to the house for the initial consultation, she was very thorough in explaining the process. She brought color options and suggestions. She also answered any questions we had.

When the process started, Kelly reached out ahead of time to ensure we had everything all set and even came to the house again to walk through the process one more time. When the painting began, the timeline was adhered to and you also would never know that she was there. No mess was left behind and I didn’t even have to empty my cabinets!! My husband and I are thrilled with the final results. We love our kitchen again. When guests come over they all comment on how spectacular the kitchen looks and they are shocked to know that the cabinets were painted. The quality of her work is phenomenal!

We highly recommend 2nd Chance Restoration! I wish I had more projects for her!!

Heather Rae