Get A Quote

Getting a quote for your cabinet painting or furniture restyling has never been simpler.  Simply fill out the appropriate form and we’ll work together with you to make your vision a reality!

Once you fill out the  Cabinet Painting Quote Request, you will be provided with a ballpark quote as well as our timing for your project. If timing and budget work for you, we will then schedule an appointment to come out and see your kitchen where we can review our unique process, walk you through the timeline and look at potential color options.

Once you fill out the Furniture Restyle Quote Request, you will be asked to provide insight on your inspiration pictures (we love when you send us Pinterest pics). With pictures and the information from the quote in hand, we’ll be able to then provide you a quote to complete the project. If we’re in your budget, we can then work together to choose a timeline of availability and turn around. It’s that easy!