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Choosing new cabinet hardware

I’ve had this conversation quite a bit lately about selecting cabinet hardware, so thought I’d share some lessons learned with you.
1. There is no right or wrong about knobs versus handles. There is also no design standard about handles on doors and knobs on drawers…go with what you like! Personally, trying to find a knob and a handle in the same design, sheen, and color is too stressful so I usually recommend just pick one for everything.
2.If you go with a handle, make sure it has some depth to it. There’s nothing more awkward than not being able to fit your fingers behind a handle to open a door. For the ladies, you’ll end up chipping paint with your fingernails or rings if it’s too shallow as well. Buy one and test it first to make sure it’s comfortable.
3. Never ever ever ever ever ever buy square, or tube/bar shaped knobs! Can’t stress this one enough, especially if you have any type of OCD. Those little buggers will shift on you over time and start to not be straight…your eyes will be drawn to the tilt, you’ll start to twitch when you walk in the kitchen…it’ll be ugly. Trust me on this one 😂
4. When choosing a knob or handle, make sure that it does not over dominate the width rail of a door. If it takes up more than half the side, it’s an awkward look.
5. Avoid Ring pulls at all costs. They are beautiful, but forces your fingers to touch the cabinetry…anything you can do to avoid hand oils getting on your cabinetry is desired.
6. For efficiency, places like Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon are great, but there are other sites to check out too! Etsy is one of my favorites, also,,,
Hope this helps, happy hunting!

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