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Our Process and Schedule

We are excited to get started on your project and transform your kitchen!

Prior to your scheduled Prep day, please refer to this checklist of items to be completed before we arrive:

  • This is a great time to clean out the cupboards! We ask you to please ensure we have the first 3-5” of space from the opening so that we can properly remove hardware and fit our drills without hitting your belongings.
  • Please remove any valuables from the cabinets and drawers such as china, money, jewelry etc.
  • If you have a glass cabinet area that will be having the interior space painted, please remove all of the items in that cabinet.
  • Completely clear off countertops.
  • Sweep the floor and remove any debris.
  • Remove garbage can and any rugs from the workspace that would be in our

    As a side note, please remember that all new door handles/pulls/knobs must be passed along to us on the Prep Day. Delays in our receiving the items will absolutely delay your project as we do not drill new holes on painted doors/drawers and it must be done prior to that.

Day One-Prep Day (usually 9:15-1:00)

  • All doors & drawers are numbered and removed to bring back to the studio.
  • All remaining cabinetry (bases, frames etc) will be cleaned, sanded, degreased, wiped, and vacuumed in place.
  • Crown moulding/base trim, corner seams etc will be caulked as needed.

Day Two (Monday-usually 9:15-1:00)
On this day, we prep the room taping off the interiors of the cabinets, walls, ceiling, and floor. You will want to take the time before we arrive to plan what food/dishes/glasses/small appliances/medications etc. that you’ll want to remove as we will be taping up all cabinet openings this day. (There will be no access by mid morning to the contents of your cabinets.)  Most clients create a mini kitchen area outside of the space with toaster oven, coffee pot, and paper plates/cups etc.
*You will still have access to the kitchen and all appliances after we leave this day, just not to any drawers or cabinets.

Day Three (Tuesday-usually 9:15-2:00)
*This is the big day* (Plan to make alternate meal plans for the evening) Appliances, and countertops are covered, and the room in general is closed off with plastic sheeting as it is Primer day! Two coats of Milesi industrial wood coating primer will be sprayed today with sanding, wiping and vacuuming between coats.

We will run ventilation and our air scrubber throughout the day which will help minimize odors and any ‘paint dust’. Typically we leave the air scrubber running after we leave and you are welcome to turn it off whenever you would like. *It is important that you not enter the cordoned off area as there is overspray on the floor at the end of the day, and opening the plastic will cause that to stir and land on your freshly primed cabinetry. Since you won’t have access to your kitchen now is the time to plan for grilling, take out or your favorite restaurant.

Day Four(Wednesday-usually 9:15-3:00)
This day would be the 2 coats of color with our Milesi industrial wood coating product and sanding in between coats. The goal would be by the end of the day we have broken down our setup of plastic, paper etc, and everything removed from the kitchen so you will have complete access to your kitchen again.  

*Optional Day Five
Any little touchups will be addressed optionally on this day as needed, and if possible, we like to re-install all of your drawers.

Final Day (Friday usually 9:15-12:30)
Today is Install Day when your doors will be reinstalled back into place and your transformation is complete!

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