Cabinet Painting Quote Request

    Please complete the following form so that we have a better idea of your kitchen and the work required. By having this information, we can get you a more informed quote with no surprise additions.

    Before we can provide a quote, we must receive pictures of your kitchen that show us a full idea of the layout.

    We must have both the emailed photos and this client submitted forms in order to process your quote!

    How many doors do you have?

    Are any of those doors glass doors? YesNo

    If yes, please answer the next two questions:

    How many of those glass door cabinets will require the interior cabinet to be painted?

    How many removable shelves are in the glass door cabinets that need to be painted?

    How many drawers do you have (including fake ones that do not open)?

    Is there an island or peninsula to be painted? YesNo

    Do you have crown moulding? YesNo

    Are there any bookshelves, desks, microwave cabinets? Please specify type and amount.

    How many wine racks are there?

    Do you have any vent hoods that need to be painted? YesNo

    Will the toe kick (the area underneath the cabinet bases) need to be painted? (sometimes they are tiled or have vinyl and are not going to be painted)

    Will you be replacing the cabinet hinges, or changing them to a completely different style?

    Will you be purchasing new hardware? YesNoUnsure at this time

    If yes, will this require new holes to be drilled? YesNoUnsure at this time

    What condition are your cabinets in? For example, If they have 30 years of buildup on it, we need to know up front to price accordingly. When answering, think about if the doors are cracked, are there pieces that have broken off, are warped, water damaged, peeling etc..

    And lastly, what color family are you thinking of changing to?


    Please use the form below for any additional information you would like to communicate with 2nd Chance Restoration that might be helpful.

    Before we can provide a quote, we must receive pictures of your cabinets that shows us a full idea of them.