Furniture Restyling Quote Request

    Please complete the following form so that we have a better idea of your furniture piece and the work required. By having this information, we can get you a more informed quote with no surprise additions. If you have multiple pieces, please submit a separate form for each piece.

    What type of furniture is the piece you have in mind

    What condition is the piece in? Please be forthcoming with all details about any flaws on the piece. (For example, if it has 30 years of furniture cleaner on it, we need to know up front to price accordingly.). When answering, think about if there are areas that are cracked, warped, heat stained, broken veneer, scratched up tops etc...

    And lastly, what color are you thinking of changing to? This can be for stain or for paint

    Before we can provide a quote, we must receive pictures of your piece that shows us a full idea of it. Please feel free to upload any pictures you have for inspiration, such as something from Pinterest.


    Please use the form below for any additional information you would like to communicate with 2nd Chance Restoration that might be helpful such as the history of the piece.