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Hi! I’m Kelly and welcome to our 2nd Chance Restoration page!  We are a family owned business started by accident after I lost my corporate job due to layoffs. I needed to provide an income somehow, and even though I had been painting small furniture pieces since I was young, it never occurred to me to take a hobby and passion and turn it into something bigger.  We started small with a desk here and there, and then bureaus, etc.  Then we noticed a need for cabinets to be transformed (bathrooms AND kitchens), and banister updates, and whitewashing of fireplaces etc…  We pride ourselves on seeing a need and being the ‘go to’ place for so many who are looking to do some refreshes to their homes.

Here we are more than 10 years later with hundreds of clients, a 98% referral rate, countless pieces that have been restyled and thousands of cabinet doors that have been transformed. We love working with our clients who are striving to keep their family heirlooms as showcase pieces and are excited to see what each year has in store for us. I hope you’ll join us on the journey and enjoy looking through our website for inspiration…

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2nd Chance Restoration
2nd Chance Restoration2 weeks ago
Is it weird to be sad when you finish a kitchen? This was my 3rd one refinishing for long time friends and I realized that there are no more kitchens (currently 😂) to work on with them! While I have loved all the kitchens we have done together, this one was a simple update and just looks like it was always meant to be this color while it acts as an extension to the mountain oasis❤️

It’s always a treat to do a soothing green, and Oil Cloth has been the choice for this space for more years than we should admit to (in case the husband is seeing this 🤣). #happywifehappylife