Cabinet Deposit

    Cabinet Deposit Acknowledgement Form


    2nd Chance Restoration LLC proposes to furnish all materials for (unless noted otherwise) and perform the labor for a Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Project.

    A call or email does not secure time slot for project; payment of the deposit is what guarantees booking on calendar. Therefore, prompt payment of your deposit is suggested.

    I accept that 2nd Chance Restoration will require a deposit before work is scheduled.


    All paint, project supplies and tools are included in the pricing listed unless otherwise noted or an addition to the project.

    Cabinet color shall be selected no later than one week prior to project start date. Color selection responsibility is with the client and 2CR is not liable for color change if color selection is no longer wanted after products are purchased. Color changes once project is started is a minimum charge of $550 dependent on how far along in the project we are and the size of your project.

    Client is responsible for selecting and purchasing all hardware for cabinet projects. If new hardware is being purchased, it should arrive at the client’s home a minimum of one week in advance of the project start date. We are happy to switch hardware to the new selections for client as long as they are the same size and fit. Changes from knobs to pulls or vice versa are at an additional fee and will be subcontracted out to a carpenter at a fee not included in the quote unless otherwise stated.

    I accept the conditions regarding paint and hardware that 2nd Chance Restoration has required.


    Additional labor and/or materials that arise from changing the agreed upon scope of the projects previously listed, will be billed to client. Any changes to the scope of the project will be communicated via email, noted in revised proposal and be the financial responsibility of the client.

    We do not move furniture, home furnishings, appliances or personal belongings from the job space, that is the responsibility of the client both to protect your belongings and ourselves.

    During sanding, there is potential for some minor dust. You are not required to empty the cabinets, but you are welcome to. We will do our best to maintain a clean environment and do light dusting at the end of each work day. Drawers need to be emptied just enough to allow for us to use an electric screwdriver on the inside to remove the handles.

    If you wish us to paint behind appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers etc, it is the homeowners responsibility to move those items, no exceptions due to insurance and potential damage and injury liability.

    We use the lowest-tack painters tape to protect your floors and walls. Low-tack painters tape should not cause any issues upon removal and a floor finish or wall sheet rock that is damaged by low-tack painters tape is a sign of a failed finish and is not our liability. Wherever possible, we always tape along the grain of the wood floor to minimize any repair work your floor refinisher may need to do. If you have the wall paint, we are happy to do repairs/touchups at no cost, but floor refinishing is out of our skill set.

    If you choose to keep existing hinges, understand that the conditions of that hardware will not change when we refinish the doors and drawers and if there are existing issues, they will continue to occur in the future.

    There may be imperfections that are not noticeable when the cabinets are stained, but once cabinetry has transitioned to a light color, those imperfections will become more obvious. Some of these imperfections may include, but are not limited to, warped doors, large gaps where cabinets meet the walls or ceiling, cabinet boxes not being square and alignment issues due to improperly installed cabinet bases. We will do our best to correct everything within our control but there may be situations where you would need to hire a carpenter (or other professional) to rectify an issue.

    We do not caulk the panels of your doors because the nature of wood is to expand (summer) and contract (winter) due to temperature and humidity in your home. Caulking will cause the wood to 'resist' its natural movement and result in failure such as cracking and breaks in joints. You can help to prevent the expansion and contracting of the wood by regulating the temperature and humidity in your home. Occurrences of this expansion and contraction is not the liability of 2nd Chance Restoration and is completely controlled by the homeowner.

    It is common that you will notice imperfections about your kitchen that you never noticed before simply because you're looking with a closer eye at your newly transformed kitchen. Our goal is that any items of concern are from pre-existing situations, and not from our work of course. We encourage clients to assess our work using the official Painting Contractors Association guidelines: "A "properly painted surface" is defined as uniform in appearance, color, texture, hiding and sheen. It is also free of foreign material, lumps, skins, runs, sags, holidays, misses, or insufficient coverage. It is also a surface free of drips,spatters, spills or overspray caused by the painting and decorating contractor's workforce. In order to determine whether a surface has been "properly painted" it shall be examined without magnification at a distance of thirty-nine (39) inches or one (1) meter, or more,under finished lighting conditions and from a normal viewing position." ( )

    I accept the conditions regarding changes and environment that 2nd Chance Restoration has required.


    2nd Chance Restoration reserves the right to take pictures of all painting work done at this job location. Pictures are able to be used in all of our company advertising and on company website unless discussed otherwise with client. This includes using photos of client’s projects on all social media sites including but not limited to, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Personal items that would identify the client will not be in the photographs including personal pictures, or anything with names or addresses.

    I accept that 2nd Chance Restoration has the right to photograph the work done.


    $250 down payment is required to reserve date and purchase initial supplies. Deposits are fully refundable within 3 business days of receipt, and non-refundable (but transferable) if cancelled anytime after the 3 days, the fee can be applied to any of our other services for up to 6 months from originally scheduled Start Date. If you choose to reschedule your project, a reschedule fee of $150 will be required prior to the new Start date. Final payment is due on the day of the conclusion of the project. Returned checks will be charged to client for $30 plus all finance charges that are incurred if a check is returned to client. Final payment can be done in either cash, check, or Venmo.

    I accept the conditions regarding my deposit and payment that 2nd Chance Restoration has required.


    We take great pride in our work and the products we use to ensure a quality refinishing project. To back up that pride, we offer a 1 year free touch up service where we will return to do any touchups needed (from simple wear and tear) at anytime throughout the first year. In addition, we offer a 3 year warranty against any issue with the paint such as chipping, cracking, peeling or fading that may occur during normal conditions. This warranty does not cover damage from changes due to humidity in your home which is out of our control--it is a normal characteristic of wood to expand and contract as moisture fluctuates, and is therefore not considered a defect in our work or our materials. We would be happy to repair or replace a door for you at an additional, agreed upon expense. This warranty also does not cover physical damage that was caused such as toys or pets etc., but again we would be happy to repair or replace a door for you at an additional, agreed upon expense.

    I accept the conditions regarding warranties/guarantee that 2nd Chance Restoration has required.


    Please use the form below for any additional information you would like to communicate with 2nd Chance Restoration prior to the start of the project.