About 2CR

How it Started

This desk is the start of my story. I had just lost my corporate job and didn’t have a proper desk in which to sit and do a job search. I stopped down to our local Stratford Habitat Restore, and found this mid century orange oak table that fit all the right dimensions I needed (except it was ugly). Threw her in the back of the SUV and brought her home (oh if I only knew then how many more hundreds of times that would happen lol).

I spent days sanding her down, staining her and painstakingly painting, stenciling and glazing. I was so proud of all my hard work and happily posted it on my personal FB page (2nd Chance Restoration wasn’t even a glimmer in my eye) to show my FB friends. 3 people tried to buy it off me 😜–then the first request came in for me to refinish a desk for a friend, and then a second, and then a third. It snowballed from there and we’ve done over 25 desks alone the last few years. This desk is still my workspace to this day and remains an important part of my daily inspiration 

About 2CR

First Blog Post

So this is our 6th year in business, but do you know how the name came about? My sister had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and I had recently lost my corporate job and filling my time painting obscure furniture and transporting puppy mill dogs to their new furever homes for Rescue Road Warriors.

The funds from my painting work were donated that year to my sister’s Breast Cancer walk that went to research giving a second chance to survivors. The business was also giving me a second chance at a career by helping me reinvent myself. The profits were supporting my gas expense as I gave the puppy mill pups a second chance at a loving home instead of a cage. Then there’s the obvious that my new passion was giving forgotten furniture a second chance as well. Hence how the name came to be.